Monday, 27 October 2008

Just finished watching "Wonderland: Virtual Adultery and Cyberspace Love" which is an interesting documentary which follows both the virtual and real lives of two couples. It addresses the key concepts of fantasy and utopia within Second Life and the danger of your second life becoming your only life. It works through a medium of interview, machinima and narration. This is a method of communication i have been thinking about using in my own project. However within my own work i would like to use editing and post production as a tool to try and dive in and out of the real and virtual world, throughout the course of the interviews allowing the worlds to become so intermingled that the viewer has trouble telling which is the real and which is the virtual? This confusion will allow me to question what is truly real and false and look at weather bits and information can ever be viewed as something tangible, i also wish to portray a future hypothesis, looking ironically at series of people whose lives have become a series of informational patterns.

"In a world despoiled by overdevelopment, overpopulation and time-release environmental poisons, it is comforting to think that physical forms can recover their pristine purity by being reconstructed as informational patterns in a multidimensional computer space"

Katherine Hayles -How we became Post Human (1984)

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